How to automate and personify a marketing strategy with the help of a communications plan

A spherical cow in a vacuum
A spherical cow in a vacuum
Original illustration by A. Malyavina

A communications plan is developed by reaching a compromise. We strive to do the job well using standard strategies and our own expertise, but we also have to adjust them to the needs of a particular business. As a rule, these needs clip our wings and try our patience (“Couldn’t you just synchronize the cart both on the website and in the app?!”), but that’s okay. It’s not okay to act like all online stores are the same, or all real estate developers are the same, etc. …

Setting Up, Adding Subscribers, & Avoiding Account Lock

The illustration depicts a baby monkey
The illustration depicts a baby monkey
Illustration by A.Malyavina

Mailchimp provides a rather convenient platform for email marketers. However, it’s always pretty difficult to get around a new service. So, if you want to set up your Mailchimp account with no problems, our article is here to help you. Let’s start from the beginning.

Signing up in Mailchimp

To sign up in Mailchimp go to the main page, click the Sign Up Free button in the upper right corner. It will get you to the account creation page.

Original illustration created for this article

Do: use a table layout

Using tables for the layout of the template allows the email to display correctly in all email clients. Even though the table layout can be called a bit outdated, it is the main way of creating emails.

Do: use one-column template

The simplest layout to implement with CSS is the single column layout. The email blocks will be placed sequentially under each other.

Nowadays, many people use this kind of layout as it looks great on all devices and screens, especially on mobile. It also makes it easier to read even a very long email, which allows you to make the layout more flexible.

Do: styles right in the code, not in separate blocks

Timing, types of recommendations, and necessary platforms

Original illustration created for this article

Tools of a modern email marketer are becoming more and more diverse and accurate. Many companies track and analyze the product preferences of their clients and then place product recommendations on their websites and in email campaigns. It’s natural, because the market demands relevant and personalised content for ecommerce specialists.

When we say “market” we mainly mean the clients themselves. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and Listakr companies 84% of customers — subscribers of promo campaigns — find them necessary and useful if the offers correspond to their preferences.

Key Strategies for an Email Campaign

Original illustration by A. Malyavina

How to stop emails from going to spam- this is something that anyone involved in email marketing is bound to ask themselves at some point. Even though internet marketing today offers an ever increasing number of ways for entrepreneurs to reach their target audience, email marketing is still among the most effective e-commerce tools.

The target audience for your product or service may not be active on social media or using messenger apps. But almost everyone has their own email account, hence the impressive reach of this method. However, up to 90% of emails sent every day are marked as…

All stages of CRM marketing: analytics, data collection, setting objectives, implementing channels

Original illustration by A. Malyavina

CRM marketing is marketing based on data about clients. Actually, practically any type of marketing is based on data about clients, but CRM marketing does this on a different level.

CRM marketing doesn’t function as segmentation, however. This type of marketing uses segmentation as one of its tools to provide the best options both for the customers and for marketers.

What is the difference between CRM marketing and email marketing

Notions of CRM marketing and email marketing have a different basis. Email marketing is about the basic channel of communication — delivery of offers to the client via emails.

CRM marketing is focused on the data about clients. The channel…

Detailed description of our CRM campaign for a major contractor: strategies, examples, results

The illustration depicts loads of gold against the background of skyscrapers
The illustration depicts loads of gold against the background of skyscrapers
Illustration by A. Malyavina

The client is a well-known contractor

The client is a well-known contractor Urban Group. The contractor needs to sell the apartments in 6 residential complexes in Moscow and the Moscow Region. To stimulate sales we’ve built communications with the clients in several channels.

At the beginning of our interaction there were 25 000 email addresses and 500 000 telephone numbers in the database.

We’ve organized the communications

Before cooperating with us, five divisions of the company were sending their emails to one contact base and some managers were sending emails individually. As a result, the subscribers received emails about snow removal, about residential complex holidays, and loyalty program emails.

Common mistakes, basic rules, and new ideas for your email copies to help you better communicate with your audience

The illustration depicts a typewriter and a pile of letters
The illustration depicts a typewriter and a pile of letters
Original illustration by A. Malyavina

1. Choose your communication style.

Sometimes a company’s communication style is client-friendly on the website, but the newsletters switch to officialese like “you shall come to our office within 7 days from the date of your first message”.

Don’t make this mistake. Your website, newsletter, and all of the text on behalf of your company should have the same style. If you’re serious and official on your website, remain consistent with this in your emails — don’t shift to first-name basis and cat GIFs. …

All the necessary aspects + common mistakes and examples

Original illustration by A. Malyavina

Promo emails are an important part of email communication for online shops. EmailSoldiers has projects where 80% of all sales from the email channel are promotional. Because of this, it’s important to pay attention to when promo rates drop, and quickly figure out why that happened and how to fix it.

This situation is similar to a highschool relationship :) When you first get to know each other, everything is new and exciting, but in time, you don’t see eye to eye, and no gifts (or in our case, promo codes) can fix it and make someone open your texts…

Step by step guide: necessary tools, common mistakes, examples

Original illustration created for this article

Introducing countdown email timers is one of the fastest and most effective measures to make your promotional offers more urgent. Whether it is a limited discount, special promotion, or holiday message, a neatly integrated clock can be an effective addition.

For those who would like to go a step further than a simple written call to action, there are several methods of doing so. I’ll cover the most used ones — GIF, and HTML email timers — plus give you suggestions for which services are best to use. But first, let’s go over the fundamentals and the purposes they serve.

What Is an Email Countdown Timer?

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