How to prepare for it + various ESPs’ opinions on the issue

Illustration by A.Malyavina

This will help you organize your work and prioritize tasks

Original illustration by A. Malyavina

What Is a RICE Scoring Model?

You can download a ready-made HTML layout of an email with the help of a Figma plugin

A spacecraft with a letter on its wing
Original illustration

Plugin options

1. Layout quality is at the level of a top-tier HTML-coder.

This plan will help you manage your b2b leads

Embedding images in emails is crucial for email marketing

Original illustration by A.Malyavina

Look at the extraterrestrial emails we’ve designed! We hope you’ll find them inspiring

This illustration depicts an astronaut getting ready to a flight
Original illustration by A.Malyavina

How to write compelling subject lines that will improve your email opens

The birds bringing letters to a mailbox
Illustration by A.Malyavina

What is OR and what influences it

  • OR means nothing if analyzed apart from the other metrics. If an email was opened by 70% of subscribers, but CTR (click-through rate) is low…

Stop suffering and wasting your time while doing your daily tasks

A hand holding a glowing clew
Illustration by A. Malyavina

How to set up abandoned cart & browse flows and increase revenue

Mario running to the shopping cart
Original illustration by A.Malyavina

Essential marketing review for both small and large companies

Dwarfs writing letters in a storage
Illustration by A. Malyavina

Anna Senkina

SMM-manager at EmailSoldiers. Read our blog:

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